Travellers to Grenada Now Require Travel Authorization Certificate

Beginning on December 1, 2020, all travellers to Grenada will be required to complete an online application in order to receive a Pure Safe Travel Authorization Certificate to enter Grenada.

The Government of Grenada, through the Ministry of Health, has partnered with the Amber Group, a technology company headquartered in Jamaica, to create a comprehensive, user-friendly, secure and efficient online application that will enhance the border protocols for
entry into Grenada.

The certificate is a health clearance authorization to enter Grenada, and is similar in intent to the forms that have been used by travellers so far, to enter the country. The difference with this new system is that it is interactive and inclusive, requiring that all health and other relevant information be entered and submitted digitally. The process is also easier and less time-consuming. Incoming passengers will also be able to upload their certified negative test results onto the form for one complete and secure submission. Each individual must complete an application, even if travelling as part of a group.

The application, which also makes provisions for quarantine requests and confirmed flight information, must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to departure to Grenada. Once approved, the individual will receive a digital Pure Safe Travel Authorization Certificate for travel to Grenada. A record of the certificate in printed or electronic form must be retained by the traveller for presentation to the travel agents at the check-in counter from their point of origin.

The health clearance certificate is an authorization to travel to Grenada. Travellers will still be screened on arrival, and processed through immigration. Official entry into Grenada will only be granted by Health and Immigration officials at the point of entry.

The Ministry of Health reassures the public that the Pure Safe Travel Authorization is one added layer of security, designed to further protect the Tri-Island State from an outbreak of COVID-19.

The travel authorization portal can be accessed through the following link Effective, December 1, 2020, all travellers will be required to present the certificate at the airport.

About Amber Group
Amber Group Limited is a global technology company founded on core humanitarian values in 2015, based in Jamaica, with operations in 23 countries, including India, Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, and Canada.

With a philosophy of enabling the greater social good through technology at the centre of its operating model, the Company has developed a significant track record for innovative solutions to address the challenges and opportunities in our digital world. Amber Group currently operates brands such as Amber Connect (Vehicle tracking and Fleet Management), Amber Pay (QR code payments & rewards solutions for merchants & customers), Amber Fuels (a complete digitization solution for fuel forecourt payments and rewards), Amber Innovations (Software Development Arm with nearly 200 dedicated in-house developers), Amber Aura (Smart Sensors and A.I powered Smart building management and a Smart home solution), Amber Rewards (A next-gen loyalty rewards software) and Amber Aviation.


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