Trinidad and Tobago in Grenada’s medium-risk travel category

Trinidad and Tobago in Grenada’s medium-risk travel category

In keeping with the government’s protocol and continuous assessment of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health – Grenada, has taken the decision to place Trinidad and Tobago in its Medium-Risk Travel Category/Zone.

On Friday, health officials monitoring the situation in Trinidad and Tobago, told the (GIS) that due to the intensity of the unfolding Covid-19 outbreak in the twin-island republic, the Government of Grenada was advised to temporarily suspend the routine physical forms of merchant trading between Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago. The Government empathises with those affected by this action, and assures that weekly reviews will be undertaken to ensure it is not carried beyond the necessary period.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shawn Charles, told (GIS) that this decision is in our best interest as the traffickers and operators are less likely to obtain a negative (PCR) test before boarding the cargo vessels to return to Grenada.

Dr Charles, who empathises with the merchants, said he understands the effect such a decision can, and will have on traffickers and operators of cargo vessels, and as such, it was not an easy one to make, but priority must be given to the greater good of the country and its citizens.

The decision which was carefully analysed by local health authorities, is based on the fact that Trinidad and Tobago has had around 39 cases per 100,000 population in the last 14 days. Countries in the medium-risk category are those that have between 20–60 cases per 100,000 population, therefore, health officials felt that in keeping with our local protocols this change has become necessary.

As such, based on Grenada’s recently updated entry protocols, returning nationals and visitors from Trinidad and Tobago are expected to present a negative PCR test result taken no more than 7 days before travel to Grenada and are required to be quarantined upon arrival for a period of 10 days minimum.

The first 48 hours of their quarantine would be spent at a government approved facility pending the result of the (PCR) test.

Passengers coming from the medium risk category/zone will be quarantined in the government approved facility at their own expense until the result is available and shows negative.

All passengers will be required to present a completed health declaration form, a waiver of liability agreement form and a public health locator form upon arrival.

This advice is being kept under constant review. Travel disruption is still possible and national control measures may be brought in with little notice, therefore all concerned are encouraged to continue to check our travel guidance and advisories.

The Ministry of Health advises and encourages citizens to adhere to all Covid-19 safety guidelines and protocols, and to continue the practice of hand and respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.

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